Why is remote service more than a NOC?

A typical NOC is built for the helpdesk techs that use it, not for the requirements of the industry it supports. Remote service, on the other hand, starts from the properties of the customers and equipment that are connected and enables specific tools for them. The biggest difference with a normal service offering is that you no longer have to be in your cinema to know it’s running well.

How is CineCare Web different from other remote service tools?

Other remote service setups are typically closed (accessible only to the service staff) and work reactively (action is only taken when something goes wrong). CineCare Web’s remote service is open (allowing you to access your own equipment from anywhere) and active at every moment (synchronizing and diagnosing, so that you can detect problems with your cinema equipment pro-actively). CineCare Web offers a much more comprehensive service support.

What is CineCare Web’s added value for my theater?

The added value of CineCare Web comes from 2 factors:

  1. CineCare Web enables you to perform service tasks more efficiently (more uptime, faster software updates, …
  2. CineCare Web enables you to reduce your costs and increase your revenue (fewer on-site personnel, more accurate budgeting, …). The fact that CineCare Web is an open tool allows you to tap into these new opportunities.

How does CineCare Web create added value for my service business?

Thanks to CineCare Web, service providers can perform service tasks more efficiently, leading to a shorter MTTR, fewer field interventions, etc. CineCare Web can also enable new revenue via new service models, new SLA levels, etc. CineCare Web has been designed for the needs of the cinema market and integrates easily into your existing business processes.

How can I register for CineCare Web?

Registration details are sent only to new customers after placing an order with Barco.

How will I know whether my registration is approved or not?

You'll receive an email when you register. You'll receive another email notification as soon as your registration is processed. Depending on the approval you'll also receive your password in a third email.

I'm logged in for the first time, what should I do?

  1. Administration: add your exhibitors, theaters, auditoriums and create additional users for your service provider.
  2. Installation: install your Gateway PC and the necessary software.
  3. Monitoring: once you bring your devices online you can start monitoring your devices from the CineCare Web page.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

You can use the ‘Can't access your account?’ link on https://cinecareweb.barco.com/ to recover your password.

Who do I contact if I need further help?

You can contact your regional helpdesk here.

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