Technical specifications

Supported devices

Digital cinema projectors   Barco DP1200, DP1500, DP2000 
   Barco DP2K-10Sx
   Barco DP2K-12C, DP2-15C, DP2K-20C, DP2K-11Cx, DP2K-18Cx
   Barco DP2K-19B, DP2K-23B, DP2K-32B, DP2K-P
   Barco DP4K-23B, DP4K-32B
Digital cinema media servers  Dolby DSS100, DSS200 
   Doremi DCP-2000, ShowVault
   GDC SA-2100

Gateway PC requirements

  • Windows XP - 32 bit - SP3 installed
  • Windows 7 - 32 or 64 bit
  • Pentium IV or equivalent, 2.4 GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1 GB free space on hard disk
  • PC should be connected to the local network and have access to the internet.
  • Internal Connection: Only prerequisite is that https is open for outbound connections. This is the case for standard network infrastructure which has a connection to the internet.

CineCare Web application

Platform  Requires Silverlight 4 (automatically installed in at first use) 
  32-bit browsers only, Windows XP or higher: Microsoft IE 7, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3 or  later
Internationalization  Supports metric and imperial units 
  Supports °F and °C 
Languages  English 
  Simplified Chinese

Remote connectivity

  • Remote connectivity is possible to all supported devices.
  • Certain applications may be required (e.g. Barco Communicator, VNC Viewer, SSH or FTP clients). Please check the CineCare Web documentation for details.

CineCare Web

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