Strategy and objectives

Our Strategy

Our stated ambition is to be a global leader in visualization systems for professional use, with the objective of offering best-in-class solutions that enable our customers to run their business more effectively.

We intend to realize our growth ambition by moving beyond display and projector technology and including networking and collaboration in the product portfolio.

Our Objectives

  • Lead in technological innovation on the visualization core
  • Expand visualization product portfolio with software-enabled systems, including networking, collaboration, and services
  • Include cloud-based as well as premise-based solutions in the portfolio
  • Sustain and reinforce leadership position in Entertainment & Corporate, Healthcare, and Industrial & Government markets
  • Expand into the mid-range segment of our focus markets
  • Expand to volume markets to increase scalability and competitiveness
  • Consolidate leadership position in traditional markets in Western Europe and the US
  • Increase revenue from growth markets by continued focus on BRIC and emerging countries
  • Continued focus on operational excellence throughout the company
  • Strenghten the company's global position through an optimized organization

Our Progress

  • Acquisition of projectiondesign®, provider of mid-range projectors
  • Acquisition of WiFi content-sharing specialist AWIND to leverage visualization capabilities for professional collaboration
  • Launch of Present series projectors for Corporate AV
  • Release of CSM, the ClickShare solution for mid-segment applications
  • New version of our digital control room for faster response times and better decision-making
  • Launch of single-chip ReaLED™ projector for visitor attraction, training and simulation
  • Introduction of new ClickShare CSM Base Unit for low-end meeting rooms
  • Kick-off mid segment product offering for the Advanced Visualization division with new industry-standard rear-projection and tiled LCD cubes
  • Introduction of Nio diagnostic displays with LED backlights
  • Acquisition of Taiwan-based AWIND
  • Barco is the first manufacturer with 10,000 digital cinema projector installations in Greater China
  • China's State Grid System is equipped with China's largest control center display
  • We support the first virtual reality training program in China's commercial aviation industry
  • More than 50 screens with Auro 11.1 3D sound in the APAC region
  • ClickShare collaboration system distributed in India and Middle East
  • Introduction of One Platform: one common ERP platform
  • Increased strategic presence of procurement in emerging countries
  • Progress in cost-reduction programs with the involvement of procurement, operations & R&D
  • Working Capital/Sales down to < 5% compared to 10% in 2012
  • ROCE remains healthy at 15% compared to 24% in 2012