Barco LCD video walls

A perfect experience, whenever you look

  • Highest image quality at lowest TCO
  • Continuous automatic calibration
  • Highest reliability due to multiple levels of redundancy
  • Minimal maintenance needs

It’s on!

Critical applications are systems that keep on working, at any time. That is why we have created the LCD video wall range that was designed to perform whenever you need it. So enter our spaceport, and discover the future of large canvas LCD visualization.

boardrooms network operations surveillance
utilities broadcast crisis management
Hot swappable power supply Hot swappable power supply

The powerful power supply

The power supply unit is a single point of failure of a video wall. That’s why we offer the redundant power supply, in which a spare unit automatically takes over the functionality in case the original unit fails. We do this by taking the power supply from inside the device, and position it in an external rack. This rack can then be positioned up to 100 meters away from the display without any performance issues. In this way, the noise of the cooling fans doesn’t disturb the people working with the video wall.  

Video: See how the redundant power supply works

Quality for life

With decades of experience in professional visualization, Barco has become the reference for high-quality and cleverly designed displays. With a focus on durability and business continuity, our video walls perform better and longer than competing models. Furthermore, we guarantee serviceability over a long period of time, safeguarding your investment.

A perfect view, whenever you look

For display manufacturers, the issue is not to produce magnificent visuals. The real challenge is to ALWAYS produce the same magnificent visuals. Barco’s LCD video walls were designed to guarantee consistent image quality, even when used in 24/7 applications.

A perfect view, whenever you look A perfect view, whenever you look
Sense X

A balanced image without worries

Every LCD display’s brightness and color change slightly over time. In ultra-narrow bezel video walls, this is immediately visible, resulting in an unbalanced canvas. Barco’s Sense X automatic calibration system continuously measures the color and brightness levels of all displays, and makes adjustments when necessary.

Video: See how the Sense X calibration system works

Excellent visual performance

Barco’s HVD/OVD/IVD/KVD range brings visuals to life. Whether you want to display video, still images or data, these LCD video walls will never disappoint you. Ultra-narrow bezel technology ensures excellent tiled visual performance over the entire wall, while optimized brightness levels prevent user fatigue.

Automatic calibration Ultra-narrow bezel

Focus on value

Compared to other large canvas technologies, LCD video walls are very affordable in purchasing price. So it does not make any sense to ruin this advantage by spending a fortune on operational costs. That is why Barco has taken all possible measures to let you save time and money when operating your LCD video wall.

less power
less power
no expensive experts
no expensive experts
loop through capability
loop through capability
less maintenance
less maintenance

Less maintenance, less downtime

Maintenance disruptions are both time-consuming and expensive, so they need to be avoided as much as possible. Using Barco’s durable and high-quality displays, with automatic wall calibration functionality and hot-swappable power supplies, the typical maintenance routines can be performed while the wall is in operation.

Reduce costs

Aside from the affordable purchasing price, Barco’s LCD video walls are also friendly on the operational budget.

• As an Energy Star compliant visualization solution, the range consumes less power  
• The 4K loop through capability allows connecting four displays from a controller using only one cable
• Using the external power supply anybody can replace a broken power unit, without the need to hire (highly expensive) external experts to deal with power issues

Displays for any needs

Barco’s tiled LCD video wall portfolio consists of the high-end OverView OVD series and the mid- and high-end OverView KVD series. They share the Barco quality label, but focus on distinct target markets and application areas.

Displays for any needs
Barco quality label


  • 1.8 mm bezel
  • Sense X automatic color and brightness calibration
  • Optional: external and redundant power supply

Fit for many professional environments

Barco’s wide portfolio of tiled LCD video walls, was designed to answer the needs of a large number of different application areas. Typical markets include control rooms and other critical environments, boardrooms, lobbies, advertising, and rental and staging applications. Different parameters like brightness, bezel width, electronics and budget, point you to the ideal panel for your application.

HVD5521 OVD5521 IVD5521 KVD5521
Size 55"
Bezel width 1.8 mm 3.5 mm 3.5 mm 3.5 mm

Highest (700 cd/m²)  

Highest (700 cd/m²)  

Highest (700 cd/m²)  

High (500 cd/m²)   

Sense X automatic calibration


Remote power supply





Control room 24/7 ready
Reduced burn-in and colorations

High (++)

Higher (+++)

High (++)

High (++)


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