Barco’s Nio medical displays help Brazilian Army lift healthcare services to the next level

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Brazilian Army
Over the past few years, the Brazilian Army has made big efforts to renew its entire fleet of healthcare equipment and update its diagnostic capabilities, as part of its ‘Health Service Revitalization Plan’. To raise the speed and accuracy of diagnoses, the Army invested in Barco’s medical display systems, on account of Barco’s market leadership. Brazil’s military hospitals today feature close on 150 Barco Nio diagnostic displays.


“When analyzing the market offering of medical display systems, it became clear to us that the Barco displays are the most advanced available today,” said General Jaime Mendes da Costa, Healthcare Director of the Brazilian Army. So the army purchased 12 Nio 2MP, 72 Nio 3MP and 62 Nio 5MP diagnostic display systems. All three types are bundled, as standard, with MediCal QAWeb for automated DICOM calibration, Quality Assurance, display asset management, problem-solving and reporting.

Every radiologist praises the wide viewing angles, the brightness and crispness of the images, provided by the Nio displays, and is impressed by quality-enhancing innovations like Backlight Output Stabilization and Uniform Luminance Technology.

“Barco’s state-of-the-art equipment helps us diagnose patients more accurately, while gaining precious time. On top of that, it will also boost the public image of the Army,” General Jaime Mendes da Costa added. “By 2014, we want to create a national diagnostic center, integrating all the diagnostic departments of the different military hospitals. Barco technology already takes us one step closer to reaching that goal.”

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