Renowned Czech Tomas Bata Hospital chooses Barco

in Radiology

Tomas Bata Hospital 1
When the Tomas Bata Regional Hospital in Zlín (Czech Republic) moved to PACS, the classic medical display solutions no longer fitted the bill. Living up to its reputation as a high-quality care provider, the hospital opted for “the best brand on the market.” Barco met and exceeded the expectations, paving the way for additional installations and a long-term partnership.

The Tomas Bata Regional Hospital in Zlín is one of the Czech Republic’s largest and most important hospitals. Over the past few years, it has become a leading provider of cardiovascular and cancer services in the country. Its radiology department is renowned for its postgraduate course for young radiologists, its scientific research and the publishing activities that come with it. A total of fourteen radiology workstations, which are used for the widest range of studies - including CR, DR, CT, MRI, PET and mammograms -, are equipped with Barco Coronis diagnostic display systems to provide the best possible diagnosis.            

“We chose Barco on account of its strong brand and the performance of its products,” recalled Dr. Jiří Tesař, Head of Radiology. “Our department wants to live up to its first-class reputation in all respects so we chose the very best supplier on the market. The Barco displays are really built on state-of-the-art technology that offers the ultimate in image accuracy and diagnostic confidence. As the older displays are nearing their end of life, the Tomas Bata Regional Hospital is considering replacing them gradually. “It is absolutely clear is that we will opt for Barco once again,” Dr Tesař concluded.

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