Visiting Paris this summer? Don’t miss L’Atelier Renault

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'L'Atelier Renault', the showroom and exhibition space of France's number 1 carmaker, is a real eye-catcher on the prestigious Champs Elysées in Paris. Centerpiece of the showroom is a Barco NX-6 LED wall composed of 98 tiles, mounted on a tailored structure. Images are processed by Barco's DX-700.


The bright, airy and futuristic L’Atelier Renault showcases the newest, most attractive and most spectacular models of the Renault brand. Featuring a spacious showroom, a classy restaurant and welcoming numerous exhibitions and events, the Atelier has received 25 million visitors since its establishment in 2000.

In 2009, Stagecraft, part of the French Novelty group, provided a spectacular makeover of the popular venue. Key in the showroom's new design are attention-grabbing 'images'. Renault and Stagecraft therefore decided to install a large-size video wall.

"Barco seemed like the best fit to us and we were proven right in the crash test: the image quality offered by Barco’s NX-6 tiles was remarkably better than with competitor solutions," said Vincent Rautureau of Novelty Group. “The staggering levels of contrast, deep black and an unequalled definition result in an image quality that’s full of punch. Moreover, the LED processor offers an extremely low latency ‘minimum delay mode’: it provides less than 2 minutes of delay for interlaced and progressive sources in both SD and HD formats. Which was just another reason why Barco's bid stood out. Not to mention the great services that Barco offers.” 

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