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On 30 November 2012, Barco hosted a ‘Cinema of the future seminar’ at its headquarters in Kortrijk. As a digital cinema technology leader, Barco is committed to shape the cinema of the future and the moviegoing experience. Together with several industry partners (Kinepolis, FilmAngel and Small Town Heroes) and research groups (iMinds SMIT, iLab.o, MICT and Multimedia Lab), Barco set up the research project ‘iCinema’ to explore the opportunities for creating an interactive cinema experience via second-screen applications and new media formats. During the seminar, attendees got a preview of how the future cinema experience could look like via several interactive demos.

Interaction before, during and after the movie

Today, the cinema screen is just one of an ever-growing number of digital screens. The digitization opens up a whole new range of possibilities to create interaction with the moviegoer. Movie screens and digital signage displays in particular are ideally suited for creating an interactive experience before, during and after the movie. These screens currently show digital content to millions of viewers without the possibility to interact. The boom of smartphones and mobile applications can turn these passive screens into interactive media.

Interactive advertising and new media formats
The interaction between private (smartphones, tablets) and public screens offers new possibilities to communicate with the cinema audience and engage them to participate. This calls for interactive advertising and new media formats to create a unique cinema experience from entrance to exit. Captivating signage and second-screen applications have a huge promotional potential to make the cinema experience truly social. In this way, exhibitors will not only be able to attract more visitors, moviegoers will be inclined to spend more time in the theater, which ultimately leads to higher customer loyalty and revenues.

Watch the event report to learn more about how the cinema of the future can be interactive:

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