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Barco LiveDots has just delivered the largest LED display in its history and one of the most eco-friendly displays in the world: a 2,650 sqm. display featuring nearly 20 million LEDs in 2,880 TF-20 tiles. The installation, which graces the top of the Absa Tower in Johannesburg, was chosen on account of its reliability, the image quality and LiveDots’ worldwide reputation as a trusted supplier of large-scale LED installations.


At the heart of the installation is Barco’s cutting-edge DX-700, one of the most powerful video processors on the market today, and the brains residing inside Barco’s remote management software. The combination allows running, control and monitoring all four sides of the 2,650 sqm. display as one single image.

More than ensuring exceptional image quality, the TF-20 technology ensures exceptionally low power consumption. Barco LiveDots further integrated a series of smart features to further reduce power consumption and light pollution while, at the same time, enhancing the perceived brightness and image quality.

“It is an absolute honor to be selected by Absa,” says Carl Rijsbrack, CMO of Barco LiveDots. “This will be one of our top reference sites for years to come.”

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