Watch our DP2K-10Sx in action @ the Berlinale

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Our compact DP2K-10Sx, which was specially designed with smaller theaters and arthouse- and independent cinemas in mind, had its first intensive live test at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival. It did such a great job there that we wanted to capture the story of the DP2K-10Sx at the Berlinale in a must-see video.

Ease of use and crisp images

Barco’s new DP2K-10Sx meets a specific need: that of arthouse- and independent cinemas which want to go digital, yet can’t afford existing large, digital cinema projectors or are too small to house these. The new DP2K-10Sx changes all that. The scalable, fully integrated DCI-compliant projector is compact and user-friendly. It comes at an affordable price and yet offers crisp images.

Berlinale: the perfect showcase

The Berlin International Film Festival, which Barco has been sponsoring for ten years now, was a perfect showcase for the newcomer. The compact projector was used for the ‘Berlinale goes Kiez’ initiative, which offers screenings in small neighborhood cinemas, and for screenings at the European film market. The Berlinale organization as well as the owners of the small theaters were all enthusiastic about the small projector. “It’s compact and very easy to install and maintain,” said Ove Sander, Technical Manager Digital Cinema at the Berlinale.

As images speak louder than words, do watch this video to see the new DP2K-10Sx in action:


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