Now available: Barco CineMate app to run your digital cinema gear

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CineMate app to run your digital cinema equipment
With the Barco CineMate app, you can easily control and operate your digital cinema equipment via your mobile device. You can now download this free mobile app for your iPad and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play.

You can simply add auditoria and map the structure of your theater from the intuitive user interface of the Barco CineMate app. It's is fully compatible with Communicator LITE on Barco’s DP2K-10S projector and with media servers featuring a web-based user interface and automatically detects Barco projectors, to simplify the initial theater setup. What's more any other equipment with a web-based user interface can easily be integrated into the dashboard. In this way, the app allows you to group your digital cinema equipment in a clear overview for faster operation.

Click here to download the app via Google Play or via the iOS App store.

Watch the video below to discover how it works.

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