Projection mapping à la ‘Spectaculaires’

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This definitely is a busy summer for Spectaculaires, a French expert in highly creative light and sound spectacles. Between this April and September, no fewer than 11 light spectacles are on Spectaculaires’ agenda. One of the highlights is an amazing 360° projection mapping at the Palais des Papes, in the heart of Avignon (15 August - 28 September). Barco projectors help Spectaculaires tell the story of ‘The Popes’ Palace’. In Cabours, Bayeux, Nancy, Paris and even in Brazil, Barco also supports Spectaculaires to put on shows that ‘make people dream’.

A first in Nancy, 2006

The history of Spectaculaires began over 25 years ago, when founder Benoît Quero started working as a scenographer. His sceneries called for best-in-class lighting. So, little by little, a project-based production team was set up within Spectaculaires that provided show and event services. The first show took place in the French city of Nancy in 2007. Since then, Spectaculaires has offered original projection mapping scenarios onto the façades of city buildings. Barco has always been a trusted partner in this.

More luminance, higher definition

“Our projects have developed over the years, in line with the capacity of the Barco projectors,” says Pierre Le Quéau, video engineering. “The more luminance and the higher the definition, the better our projection mapping. Today, we are mainly using Barco’s new HDF-W22/W26 and FLM-R22+ projectors. In Avignon, for example, 13 HDF-W26 projectors will help visualize the history of the Palais des Papes.”

They’ve changed our lives

Besides the brightness and resolution, Spectaculaires is impressed by the preview mode and the remote control features which come with the new projectors. “These have really changed our lives, by saving us huge amounts of time. The new projectors are absolutely great,” Pierre Le Quéau concludes.

Want to see Spectaculaires at work? Browse through the agenda to find an event near you (or near your holiday destination).

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