Helping SBB Serbia easily monitor and control its network

Remember how you searched for information or communicated with family, friends and colleagues ten years ago? Communication channels have changed more in the last decade than in all previous history. SBB Serbia, part of the SBB/Telemach Group, rode the wave of change, to become the country’s leading cable TV and broadband Internet providers. To optimize operations and serve its customers to the max, it recently equipped its Network Operation Center (NOC) with two Barco NSL video walls.


Real-time network overview
The choice for Barco was based on positive past experiences. Barco met all the requirements, both as for product and service excellence. “The OverView NSL-4621 LCD video walls are very bright, have high resolution and deep dark levels, which make it perfect to clearly visualize the data-driven information that we monitor,” said Mr. Srdjan Djurdjevic, Research and Development Director at SBB. The TransForm ECU­110 controllers, which by default includes the CMS software, allow operators to create, save, or recall layouts in a wink. So that they can perfectly monitor and control all aspects of the network – from data transport and TV signal distribution through to satellite downlinks and uplinks, real-time communications, etc.

Largest in the region
The 4x2 and 8x2 walls make the largest Barco video wall installation to be in the country’s cable communications industry. “We’re proud to be equipped with a powerful, flexible, fully integrated NOC which enables us to deliver a broad range of excellent network services to both residential and business users in the region,” Djurdjevic concluded. 

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