National Guard Health Affairs receives Quality Assurance Award from Eric Van Zele

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The recent visit by our CEO Eric Van Zele to the capital of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was particularly memorable for National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA). Eric Van Zele during his visit presented NGHA's Medical Imaging Department with a prestigious Quality Assurance Award in acknowledgment for their excellent implementation of Barco technology, which we believe will be an example for smaller hospitals in the country and hospital groups across the entire region. The team is delighted.

A forerunner
A pioneer in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare development, the NGHA has recently integrated Barco’s Coronis Fusion displays and the MediCal QAWeb Premium Suite. The hospital group chose Barco to underscore its reputation as a forerunner in first-class medical technology. “Barco is not only the best known and trusted healthcare brand among Saudi hospitals, but also easily surpasses other solutions in terms of image quality and reliability. That made our decision fairly easy,” explained Dr. Ali S. Alwabil.

Clinical, operational and financial benefits
Soon after the installation of Barco’s diagnostic display systems, the hospital experienced how it could take diagnostic precision to the next level. Dr. Alwabil: “The quantity, accuracy and reliability of the diagnoses have increased dramatically. On an operational level, the uptime of our displays has never been so high, thanks to the remote desk features. Also, our staff’s productivity has increased. And, last but not least, the Barco solution meets our financial ambitions. Installation and operation costs have decreased, as well as the total cost of ownership.”

Highlighting our commitment
The objective of Eric Van Zele’s visit to Riyadh was to highlight its ongoing commitment to the Kingdom. The Quality Assurance Award underlines how Barco appreciates the trust that the NGHA puts in Barco and acknowledges the efforts the hospital makes to constantly raise the bar in patient care.

Director of Medical Imaging Technology at NGHA Mr. Mosa: “On behalf of the Medical imaging Department of NGHA, I would like to thank Mr. Eric Van Zele and his team for this most valuable visit to our facilities in Riyadh. NGHA values our special relationship and is reassured by Barco’s commitment to the Kingdom. The reliability and consistency of Barco’s diagnostic displays, coupled with their quality assurance software and after-sales service, made Barco the preferred choice for NGHA. It really helps us provide better care to our patients, which is our top priority.”

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