Rabobank Auditorium: every conference powered by Barco

in Corporate and Lobby

When the existing projection and image processing solution at the Auditorium of Rabobank needed an upgrade in 2011, Barco delivered just the right solution. Its Encore presentation system, the FSN production system and two RLM-W12 projectors ensure an unequalled image and sound quality experience during every conference held at the venue.


Smart set-up to power great image and sound
Great image quality, ease-of-use and the lowest possible latency: these were the criteria that System Engineer Sebastiaan De Kriek had put forward for the new auditorium equipment. Barco`s Abbe Westerlundh worked closely with MK2 Audiovisueel, the bank’s trusted AV supplier, to best meet the technical requirements, at a competitive price. 

Read the full story to learn how the cameras, the FSN and Encore systems, the monitors and the RLM-W12 projectors are all connected to help the Rabobank technicians create dynamic scenery, graphics and video elements to enliven the events.

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