17 February 2014

Rugged and smart: Barco’s SV displays on show

Barco’s compact and rugged smart SV displays were the highlight of our booth at the IAV trade show in Farnborough at the end of January. The show, which attracted representatives from over 50 nations, was an ideal opportunity to showcase our expertise in the field of displays for vehicle command and control applications.


Optimal performance in a rugged, compact design
Launched in 2012, the 10” and 12” SV smart displays pack the latest proven technologies in a compact design. Thanks to that compact footprint, the range can be easily integrated into the confined spaces of wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Visitors to the IAV trade show were impressed by the SV’s rugged, analog-resistive, low-reflection touch screen, which guarantees optimal viewing, even in direct sunlight. The live demos let them experience how the advanced video processing and high quality video streaming capabilities ensure enhanced situational awareness, for the very best performance.


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