Improving the workflow, while instilling trust in the patients

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What is it that makes Barco’s Eonis such a fantastic dental display system? We asked Belgian dentist Frederik Ardenois. When he heard that Barco had launched displays for dental practices, he tested the devices and was duly impressed. His treatment rooms feature a black 22” Eonis at the dentist’s desk and a white, cleanable version near the patient chair.


A great communication tool
“The image quality is beyond compare,” says Frederik Ardenois. “It helps us explain our treatment plans in front of our patients. The periodontics and prosthodontics treatments that we offer are lengthy, complex procedures, which require a significant investment from the patient, in both time and money. It is therefore very important that the patient really understands what the treatment involves. The Eonis display lets me explain in detail what work we intend to carry out and simulate how it will look, when we’re finished.”

More than committed to the profession
Besides image quality, Ardenois also loves the look and feel of his displays and the smart design. “All together, this state-of-the-art display improves our workflow while instilling trust in our patients. This is definitely a giant leap forward,” Ardenois concluded. We were happy to hear the enthusiasm from an expert and truly dedicated dentist like Frederik Ardenois. Besides running an ever-growing dental practice, Frederik Ardenois is the vice-president of the Council of Belgian Dentists, president of the regional dentist society and a lecturer at Leuven University. 

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