ITEC 2014: the perfect showcase for our most complete training and simulation offering ever

in Simulation

Are you working in the training, education and simulation sector, somewhere in Europe? If so, you will surely know – or you’ve even visited – the ITEC trade show. Last year’s ITEC was very special for Barco, as it was the first trade show where we truly joined forces with projectiondesign, the visualization expert we had acquired a few months earlier. At ITEC 2014, earlier this week in Cologne (Germany), visitors to our booth discovered a larger offering than ever, as our products have now seamlessly merged to provide the broadest (and best) offering on the market.


The SIM 7Q HB&C QXGA LCoS projector was undoubtedly one of the main showstoppers of our booth. Specifically designed for flight training, the projector produces a smooth-as-silk picture, while the unique smear reduction technology ensures that speed doesn’t affect the image quality or causes flicker or color breakup. The SIM 7Q HB&C’s compact brother, the F50 projector, which we also displayed at ITEC, is optimized for motion platform systems, excelling in reliability and versatility.

Visitors preferring LED technology were happy to discover our FL35, the world’s highest resolution LED DLP projector (resolution 2560x1600). With no lamp or consumables, this LED-illuminated projector guarantees maximum uptime while reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Lighting up the night
The corner attracting most attention at our booth, however, may well have been the area reserved for demonstrations of our Night Vision Goggle (NVG) offering. Visitors could experience how the FS35 IR LED projector and the SIM 7Q HC projector offer the brightest, most realistic views, to teach pilots how to overcome the limitations and illusions that come with night operations.

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