Enhancing remote collaboration in the oil & gas industry

in Control rooms

Emerson video wall
Safety and reliability are the most important requirements in the oil & gas industry, where thousands channel their expertise and sheer manpower to power business, mobility and comfort. As a leading supplier of industrial automation solutions, Emerson relies on Barco for its robust visualization platform to facilitate real-time, remote collaboration and enhance situational awareness for faster, better decision-making.

Welcome to the real world
The Emerson iOps “Integrated Operations” Center, powered by Barco’s networked visualization and collaboration platform, provides a live, real-world demo environment which enables customers to get hands-on experience with the latest solutions for process management operations in the control room. These visualization and collaboration tools are enabling oil & gas firms to remotely connect people, knowledge and action to resolve processing issues and accomplish their business objectives.

A holistic view
The new visualization platform comprises a 30-foot Barco rear projected LED video wall to simultaneously display dozens of sources from various locations, creating a robust, common operational picture that enhances situational awareness. Utilizing Barco Control Room Management Suite (CMS) software, operators can dynamically display, configure and share all types of rich content, creating unique perspectives to illustrate supply and operations data and graphics. Barco Galaxy NW-12 projectors provide stereoscopic imagery utilizing Emerson’s control, automation and management software solutions to precisely render visuals in 3D.

Bridging the miles
“In the oil & gas industry, workers at all levels – with many stationed in extremely remote areas – must be able to virtually come together to view, analyze and resolve extremely critical issues on a frequent basis,” comments Aaron Crews, Engineering Manager PSS Business Development for Emerson.  “When issues in the field arise, Barco’s solutions enable us to triangulate a solution using CMS – sharing data between the worker who is monitoring the situation, a subject matter expert who can provide the right expertise to solve the problem, and the person who can actually perform the operation to resolve the situation.”


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