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ClickShare at Charter School of San Diego
At Charter School of San Diego (CSSD), ClickShare is making a positive impact on students, teachers and staff alike, improving the way they learn new lessons and communicate ideas. The one-click, wireless presentation and collaboration system is helping bring classroom instruction to life with real-time visuals that reinforce concepts and encourage students to participate in lessons.

Offering a unique knowledge-sharing experience, ClickShare allows users to present their content from a laptop, tablet or smartphone on the main classroom or meeting room display with one click. Up to four users simultaneously can project a document(s), an internet browser, or a video to enrich the discussion. At CSSD, instructors are using ClickShare to integrate a PowerPoint with notes, annotate a picture, and pull in a web browser, all at once, to reinforce concepts.

ClickShare is allowing students to easily share ideas and collaborate in new ways, expressing themselves like never before.  “It’s really helped create a more inclusive educational experience, and for these kids, that is what it’s all about,” comments Tiffany Yandell, Operations Coordinator for CSSD.

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