An inspirational chat with Finnish and Dutch mammography experts

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Breast cancer screening is a complex, multidisciplinary specialty that requires highly trained and experienced radiology professionals, as well as advanced digital mammography modalities, software and mammography display systems. Mammography experts in Finland and The Netherlands, two countries at the forefront of breast cancer detection certification, rely on Barco mammography display systems for breast cancer screening in their countries. We’ve recently had the opportunity to talk to two of them.


Sharpness and speed
Dr Tarja Rissanen, a radiologist and an expert certified in digital mammography, co-organized the most recent certification course of the Finish Radiologist Association. She describes how she and her team were happy to join forces with Barco for the course: “I work with Barco’s 5MP and 10MP mammography display systems day in day out for my work in breast cancer screening. The images are very bright and the image quality is excellent, even overtime, which ensures the highest precision and provides the diagnostic confidence I need. The contrast, for example, which is vital to spot soft-tissue fibrillar details, is exceptional. Everyone involved in the program praised this level of sharpness and the speed and ease of loading and manipulating the images.”

Intensive, eight-day certification course
In The Netherlands, Barco is a trusted supplier to the national breast cancer screening program. The Dutch authorities require a rigid, annual inspection of all digital mammography equipment and each radiologist has to go through a certification program, which entails an eight-day course. Dr Petra Bun e/v Sevenstern, a senior radiologist based in Rotterdam, explains how intensive the certification courses are and how Barco’s 5MP mammography display systems support the teachers and students in their challenging assigment.

Curious how breast cancer screening certification courses are organized in The Netherlands and Finland? Read the full press release to discover the approaches and views of these experts.

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