The always connected police officer

in Control rooms

Smooth, reliable and safe communications are – literally – vital for the police, fire and ambulance services. So how can Belgium’s emergency services improve their communications, connectivity and, consequently, efficiency? System integrator SAIT explained how it can help bring the ‘always connected police officer’ to life, during a dedicated road show earlier this month. The road show made a halt at the Barco Customer Services Center in Kuurne on 17 June.


The Virtual Police Office
Belgium’s emergency and security services use the ASTRID national radio communications, paging and dispatching network to communicate with one another. System integrator SAIT provides the police departments, fire brigades, etc. with the mobile and fixed radios they need to communicate on the ASTRID radio network. During the road show, SAIT presented the latest-generation radios and introduced the participants to the Virtual Police Office – a brand-new solution for mobile working.

Charleroi Police Department
Why at the Barco Customer Services Center, you may ask? Well, for over 20 years now, Barco has been helping emergency services around the world retrieve and distribute data and visualize it in their traffic/security control rooms, crisis coordination centers and emergency operation centers. The control room of the police department in Charleroi (Belgium), for example, features a large Barco video wall composed of 70” LED-based retro-projection modules, while the crisis room is equipped with a wall of four narrow-bezel LCD screens. SAIT was our trusted partner in this project.

Want to know more on Barco’s contribution to safety in Charleroi? Read the customer testimonial.

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