Marriott München agrees that ClickShare is “really plug and play”

in Corporate

Marriott Hotels has been working hard, over the past few years, to meet the growing demand for more inspiring and creative meeting/work environments. The Marriott Hotel in München, Germany, for example, recently converted its existing meeting rooms into truly collaborative working spaces, featuring ClickShare in a starring role. The general manager and his colleagues enthusiastically confirm that ClickShare truly responds to the new meeting concept, thanks to its exceptional ease-of-use.


Easy, understandable and plug and play
The hotel selected Barco’s ClickShare after a long search for the best meeting room presentation system. A decision they didn’t regret. “ClickShare is easy to handle, understandable for everyone - not only experts - and is really plug and play, without the need to install software on your computer,” says Robert Gasser, Director of Operations.

The Marriott München customers who used ClickShare, were quickly convinced of its benefits. “Many customers have come back since we updated our meeting package, as they appreciate the reliability of our new technology and how it ensures hassle-free meetings,” concludes Erich Zuri, General Manager of the Marriott München.

Watch the video to see the full testimonials of Mr. Zuri, Mr. Gasser and their colleague Mrs. Kathrin Hanisch, Director of Event Management.


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