How Barco helps ensure safety in the city of Medillín, Colombia

in Control rooms

When it comes to ensuring safety in Medillín, the capital of Colombia, Barco has an increasingly important role to play. The traffic control center and the control center of a public utilities company have been equipped with Barco video walls for some time now. More recently, the Company for Urban Safety (ESU) installed Barco’s networked visualization solutions in its refurbished control room, satellite control room and crisis room. The result: the ESU team is now perfectly on top of what’s happening, so that they can take prompt action in case of an incident.

High quality and ease-of-use, in every aspect
Second-best technology was definitely not good enough for ESU, when refurbishing its command center. The visualization solution, for example, had to ensure superb image quality and ease-of-use, smooth integration with third-party platforms and remote management and maintenance. Barco’s proposal met every need. Together, the control room, satellite control room and crisis room feature an 8x2 OL-710, a 2x1 OL-710 and a 2x2 NSL-4621 LCD wall. Barco’s TransForm N management system networks the video walls, so that every video and data source can be shared across the rooms.

We couldn’t be more satisfied
“It is great how the input from the many different safety management platforms that we use, can all be integrated and visualized on the same wall. By sharing the information, everyone works together in real time. I’d say we’ve raised our efficiency by 50%. We couldn’t be more satisfied,” said the ESU team.

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