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Switch blog 18072014
With a predicted 2.5 billion of PCs, smartphones and tablets to be sold this year (source: Gartner*), demand for bringing your own device (BYOD) will keep on growing. These personal devices are often more advanced than the company’s own on-premise technology. Users replace their smartphone on average every 18 months, whereas meeting rooms and their AV equipment are replaced every three to five years.

The ‘C’ — standing for cross-platform (or multi-platform) — is the obvious fifth letter in the SWITCH acronym. Whether users check in with an iPad, a Galaxy phone or any other smart device, connecting with all of them is crucial for a successful collaboration during meetings.

Moreover, as users bring in the latest and greatest, it is important to make sure that your meeting room can grow along with their needs. Either by seamless technology addition or, even better: by updating your presentation systems to the latest standards and technologies. After all, when it comes to platforms: it’s not about choices and compromises. It’s about mobile and flexible working and increasing productivity through close collaboration.


SWITCH is our framework for taking collaboration to the next level, an acronym standing for Security, Who is in your meeting room, Integration, Technology, Cross-platform and Human factors.

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