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Switch blog 7: Who is in your meeting room
Who is in your meeting room? That’s the number one question to ask when looking into audio-visual equipment. From small huddle rooms to corporate boardrooms, from breakout rooms to giant auditoriums, they feature all kinds of people, each with their own devices and preferences.
In corporate environments, at least one out of three meetings includes visitors – guest users of your AV equipment who do not reside on the company network. And this number is an awful lot higher in auditoriums and convention centers.

It’s a fact that six out of ten attendees bring their own devices – whether these are laptops, smartphones, or tablets – to the room. And all of them want to start sharing as quickly and easily as possible. In Barco’s meeting room of the future survey users listed the top contents they wanted to share. It’s no surprise that presentations were ranked number one with almost 92% of users giving presentations in meetings. But also multimedia clips, spreadsheets and technical drawings were mentioned by more than half of the respondents, illustrating their diverse needs.

Are you looking to equip a single room or multiple rooms across different sites? Are you responsible for smart meeting equipment in an exhibition hall or convention center? Knowing your audience is the first step to responding to their needs and helping to unleash the creative power of collaboration.

SWITCH is our framework for taking collaboration to the next level, an acronym standing for Security, Who is in your meeting room, Integration, Technology, Cross-platform and Human factors.

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