Five good reasons to join tomorrow's ClickShare webinar

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What’s on your agenda, tomorrow at 4PM (CEST)? A business meeting maybe? Well, we have planned something much more productive for you: a ClickShare webinar.

Apart from ‘Cloud’, ‘Collaboration’ is definitely one of the big Cs in today’s business environment. Indeed, we all love to meet: in the US alone, there are about 3 billion meetings per year. But what does it all amount to? In a recent study, 71% of participants indicated they felt that most meetings are unproductive.

Redefining collaboration

So what are we doing wrong? Or: what can we do to turn the tide? That’s what tomorrow’s webinar will be all about. Still doubting? Well, here are five good reasons to sign up now!

  1. During the webinar, Barco’s Global Marketing Manager Collaboration Lieven Bertier and VP Strategic Marketing Romeo Baertsoen will share valuable insights on current trends and innovations in collaboration technology.
  2. There will be an elaborate Q&A session to answer your every question.
  3. Unproductive meetings are a significant waste of resources. Consequently, every improvement in your collaborative culture could constitute a huge difference.
  4. With a total running time of half an hour (including Q&A), it will be shorter than most business meetings.
  5. It’s completely free.
In short, if you attend one meeting tomorrow, let it be this one. You won’t regret it. See you tomorrow at 4PM CEST!

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