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It’s raining while we are writing this summer news. So this is not really the time to sip from a cool drink on a sunny terrace, cool off with an ice cream on the beach or jump into a refreshing pool or river. Our alternative? The movies!



Find a theater near you, enjoy your drink in the stylish foyer or lounge, have an ice cream during the break and immerse yourself in a great movie. Barco will be there too, to help ensure the ultimate cinema experience! 


This week: the launch of Lucy, available in 3D
You may remember our recent newsroom post giving you three reasons to go and see ‘Lucy’, the box office movie featuring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. ‘Lucy’, which is mixed in our Auro 11.1 immersive sound format, premières at cinemas around Europe this very week.

Those of you who are in Switzerland right now can go see the sci-film in the brand-new flagship theater of Arena Cinemas in Geneva, which features the Auro 11.1 immersive sound system in all its 11 theaters. You’re somewhere in Scandinavia? Meet ‘Lucy’ in a theater of Barco customer Nordic Cinema Group in Sweden, Finland or the Baltic States. Or at Atlas Biograferne in Rødovre, Denmark – a brand-new cinema that installed Auro in two theaters, in addition to our digital projection technology. In the UK, ‘Lucy’ will be launched later this month. Reel Cinemas, for example, a chain of 15 UK-based theaters featuring over 80 Barco projectors in total, has announced the release on 22 August.

We love cinema
‘Lucy’ is, of course, just one of the many blockbusters hitting the cinemas this summer. You’ll be able to enjoy many more exciting, blood-curdling, dramatic, funny or romantic movies in a (drive-in) theater near your holiday destination. Wherever you go, chances are high that the exhibitor chose our projection technology to create the ultimate cinema experience. After all, we love cinema just as much as you do. Enjoy the movies!


Did you like ‘Lucy’ or one of the other blockbuster movies mixed in Auro 11.1? How did you experience the Auro immersive sound? Send us your reviews! We’ll be back with more holiday activity ideas next week!

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