Barco certified as a ‘Top Employer’ in Belgium!

Barco is top employer 2016
A great workplace, high-level training opportunities and initiatives that inspire, engage and energize: these are just a few examples of how Barco ‘cares about its people’. The Top Employers Institute has now officially confirmed that these efforts pay off: after comprehensive, independent research, the institute has certified Barco as one of Belgium’s Top Employers!

Nurturing talent on all levels

What makes a company a top employer? If you ask the Top Employers Institute, it is a company that provides excellent working conditions, nurtures and develops talent on all levels of the organization, and strives to continually optimize employment practices. Barco does all that, and much more besides, as appears from the assessment that the Institute conducted: Barco scored excellent on all criteria, including talent strategy, workforce planning, learning and development, leadership and business culture.


Creative initiatives

“Our comprehensive research concluded that Barco provides an outstanding employment environment,” explains Steven Van Raemdonck, Deputy Country Manager Belgium for the Top Employers Institute. “The company offers a wide range of creative initiatives: ranging from secondary benefits and working conditions through to performance management programs. They are all well thought-out and align with the corporate culture.”


 “People are at the heart of Barco’s success. Innovation, engagement and performance go hand in hand when it comes to our people practices,” says Jan Van Acoleyen, chief HR officer. “Being and remaining a place to be for talented people is key to our strategic future.” That’s why we are so proud about this achievement and determined to further step up its HR efforts … to ensure that Barco is a place where employees love going to every day.

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