Barco F70 4K UHD projector demo in Orlando a resounding success!

in Simulation

F70 3D Perception 1
Last month in Orlando, Florida, Barco and 3D perception hosted an exclusive demo and knowledge-sharing event of our proprietary 4K UHD technology in a multi-projection simulation setup.
F70 3D PerceptionThis event showcased the Barco 4K UHD F70 laser phosphor projectors as an integral component of 3D perceptions’ Northstar™ Simulation Display Solution, with URS X-IG® image generators from AECOM, delivering a pixel-perfect, seamless image across a curved screen surface. Fifty attendees from 24 companies attended and gave their enthusiastic feedback and positive response to the demonstrations that was given, which also included 3D perception’s demonstration of its push-button automatic image alignment technology, which realigns projection channels in seconds. 

F70 3D Perception 2The level of engagement was high and technical discussions directly with product management and R&D were highly valued by the participants. 

A few impressed visitors shared their comments:

“Cool technology!”

“We need this in our demo center sooner rather than later.”

Barco 3D Perception 3

Stay tuned for our next showing in Europe at the Barco headquarters in Belgium 7th of June. More details to follow! 

Watch the F70 projector video to learn more about this exciting new training solution!

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