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Global HC Initiative donation
Barco is committed to helping improve healthcare in underserved areas of our world, recently donating more than 50 diagnostic medical displays to two hospitals in support of providing quality medical imaging to partner institutions.
The Global Healthcare & Education Initiative is a New York-based NGO that supports several educational and healthcare projects in the East Africa region and beyond. Barco has partnered with the organization to supply much-needed healthcare imaging systems to help improve accurate and timely clinical care to the medical centers in the field. The health and well-being of people living in poverty-stricken areas can only be improved with better medical services, and this effort is one that both organizations are proud to support.

“Barco is happy to partner with the Global Healthcare and Education Initiative to bring better clinical solutions and thus better care to people in these remote regions of the world,” commented Lynda Domogalla, VP Product Marketing for Barco Healthcare.

Aga Khan Hospital in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania (East Africa)
Barco recently contributed 2MP grayscale displays for clinical use and 3MP color displays for the radiology department, replacing previously donated displays at the site with newer, more advanced imaging solutions. The new donation gives the medical center a larger footprint of clinical displays across additional points of service.

Aga Khan Hospital at Khorog, Tajikistan (Central Asia)
Khorog Diagnostic Unit, partner to the public referral hospital, is now benefitting from a new deployment of Barco medical display systems as part of the PACS workstations rolled out at the clinical units as well as in the emergency department. A combination of 2MP grayscale displays with 3MP diagnostic quality displays were provided to the centers for.

“Barco generously donated the graphics cards as well as medical displays to deliver a complete turnkey imaging solutions for the NGO,” comments Tarek El-Shayal, founder & principal partner of the Global Healthcare & Education Initiative / volunteer for Aga Khan Health Service. “This makes hardware deployment so much easier so we can immediately begin reaping the benefits of these new systems. We are very grateful for their support!”

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