Barco champions 4K collaboration showcase at Almo E4 2017 tour

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Barco is teaming up with Almo Professional A/V at its “What Will Your Lightbulb Moment Be” E4 AV Tour now appearing across the nation, presenting its brand new UDX 4K large venue projector, the flagship ClickShare collaboration system and other revolutionary meeting room solutions. The first event is today, April 19th in San Jose, CA, followed by events September 19th in New Jersey and October 3 in Irvine, CA.

Revolutionize the meeting room with 4K to impress your audiences

Barco will supply its HDX-4K20 large venue projectors for a dual-screen 4K keynote session by AV industry visionary and rAVe Pubs founder Gary Kayye. Entitled “4K: No Myths, No Exaggerations – Just the Facts.” This popular talk explores real versus pseudo 4K, explaining how the industry can benefit from implementing 4K projection in the meeting room.

Elevate your profile in the meeting room with 4K

Thanks to the growing demand around 4K, we are pleased to highlight our latest 4K solutions, the UDX 4K laser phosphor projector, CSE-800 wireless presentation and collaboration system and our F904K-13 projector at this year’s Almo E4 Tour.

Barco will debut its UDX 4K laser phosphor projector for large venues and events near the keynote session room for visitors to experience first-hand. The UDX platform enables rental companies and AV integrators to provide stunning experiences while saving both time and money.

Watch a video of the new projector here.

Helping bring 4K to today’s boardrooms and conference rooms, our CSE-800 features 4K DCI, offering the ultimate image quality and flexibility.  With a wireless connection to the central screen, up to eight users can share their content from a laptop, tablet or smartphone on-screen simultaneously. Moderation, blackboarding and annotation features enhance collaboration while improved security measures ensure data is protected. As the top-of-the-line model, it’s the ideal option for driving two projectors, two screens, or a Double HD canvas. 

In the projection realm, the F90-4K13 projector delivers stunning 4K UHD resolution using a laser phosphor light source to power exceptional experiences while saving both time and money. Featuring multiple lens options and orientations, it’s perfect for the most high-profile meeting and presentation environments.

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