Road to InfoComm - Episode 4

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Barco execs are saddling up for the long ride to InfoComm, sharing their insights on how we’re enabling brighter outcomes by helping our customers work together, share insights and wow audiences. Join us on the Road to InfoComm as we explore hot topics and provide a glimpse of what’s to come at the show. And, don't forget to stop by June 14-16 at Booth #3601!
PART 2: Solving presentation technology challenges once and for all
In our last Road to InfoComm blog post, we explored the challenges of the changing digital landscape, where a digital divide exists between tech-savvy and tech-shy professionals when it comes to presentation technology. And they’re not who you think. Contrary to popular assumptions about the advanced computing skills of generation X and millennials, a recent study indicates that it’s actually the younger generation that requests IT support more often than their more mature counterparts. 

Since IT support is a zero-sum game, it would serve business leaders and IT decision-makers well to deploy wireless technology that requires little if any training, minimizing the potential disruption to meetings.

Criteria for collaborationIn fact, when considering presentation AV equipment, “ease of use” is at the top of the list. Six in 10 IT decision makers (60%) believe businesses should deploy technology that can be activated quickly and easily to improve workforce productivity. In addition, more than five in 10 believe that devices that are wireless (54%), and compatible with any device (51%), will ensure that presentations run smoothly.

Barco CSE-800 revolutionizes collaboration in large meeting rooms
Building upon the groundbreaking ClickShare meeting room experience, the CSE-800 brings enhanced collaboration and a unique user experience especially designed for large meeting rooms and boardrooms. It’s easily integrated into the company network with three configurable levels of security, allowing everyone to share from their own device.
93 percent ClickShare
The most important aspect is its simplicity, no training required! So, IT support is minimal and trouble tickets are reduced significantly. The bottom line? Less complexity in the boardroom results in stress-free meetings and fewer demands on busy IT managers. Not to mention, the solution pays for itself: considering the cost of replacing frayed or damaged meeting room cables and dongles, the ClickShare CSE-800 soon delivers a strong return on investment.

An elegant solution for high-end meeting rooms

The CSE-800 represents collaboration at its finest, allowing up to eight people to share simultaneously on two 4K screens. Moderation, annotation and blackboarding capabilities facilitate free-flowing and sharing of ideas and information in an organized way. Participants can discuss presented content and make annotations or notes while doing so, creating an elaborate environment for ideation. And results can be sent to every participant in pdf form with a click of a button after the meeting.

Meeting roomFor smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces, Barco offers options to fuel meaningful collaboration at the touch of a button, from the compact CS-100 to the enterprise model CSE-200 to the CSE-800 for high-end meeting rooms.

Take control of collaboration in the meeting room!

Click here to learn more about how Barco ClickShare solutions can transform your meeting room experience!

Visit us in Booth #3601 to experience Barco’s ClickShare CSE-800 and other solutions that enable bright outcomes across the globe!

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