Sena introduces ‘the high north’ to Barco laser-illuminated projectors

in Cinema

Did you know that Icelanders watch more movies (per capita) than any other nation? High time then, to introduce Icelandic moviegoers the magic of our laser-illuminated projectors! Sena, Iceland’s biggest entertainment company, is delighted to set the pace, equipping the five theaters at the Smárabíó cinema with Barco laser solutions – one Flagship Laser projector and four Smart Laser projectors with revolutionary Barco laser phosphor light sources. Iceland’s first all-laser cinema opened officially on 9 June, 2017.

Owned by entertainment company Sena, Smárabíó is located in the bustling Smáralind shopping center, 10 minutes from the center of the country’s capital, Reykjavik. Ever since Day One, the cinema has been on a mission to offer visitors a premium and memorable cinema experience. Hence, their patron-focused investments in comfort – comfy seats, lovely lobby, great food and drinks – and, of course, exceptional image and sound quality. Choosing Barco laser projectors fit their strategy perfectly.

The future starts today
System integrator Exton equipped Smárabíó’s premium theater with a Barco Flagship Laser DP4K-22L projector. Projecting ultra-bright, high-contrast images in vivid colors, it’s all set-up to fully immerse the audience in the movie on the screen. In the other four theaters, Smart Laser projectors (2x DP4K-17BLP and 2x DP2K-10SLP) will lift the movie-going experience to new levels in all the other theaters in this first all laser multiplex in ‘the high north’.

“We are confident that laser projection technology is the future for cinemas,” says Jón Diðrik Jónsson, Chairman at Sena. “And for us, that future starts today. When we saw Barco’s laser-illuminated projectors in action, we were genuinely impressed by their brightness and power. Their low Total Cost of Ownership, thanks to the absence of lamps, low power consumption and easy set-up and maintenance, makes the investment even more attractive. We can’t wait to hear the feedback of our audience!” 

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