Barco projector screens previews of "Dunkirk"

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Preview screening of "Dunkirk" on Barco projectors
A 5-minute preview of "Dunkirk" has been travelling through Europe using a Barco projector

One of the big releases of the summer is “Dunkirk”, Christopher Nolan’s epic look at the British army’s infamous retreat from France during the Second World War starring Kenneth Branagh. If the name Christopher Nolan rings a bell, that is probably because of his incredible string of movies such as “Inception”, “The Dark Knight” and most recently “Interstellar”. The British writer/director’s latest movie has been called “a terrifying, shattering spectacle” by The Guardian’s reviewer Peter Bradshaw.

Projecting "Dunkirk" on a Barco projector

Film fans in Europe have been enjoying short previews of “Dunkirk” prior to its official release. A high-tech mobile cinema from Cinetransformer has been travelling to different cities for the screenings, and an integral part of the spectator experience has also been a Barco projector.

If you’re in the Netherlands, the preview can still be seen on Friday 21 July in Nijmegen and 21-22 July in Rotterdam. Barco has a range of projectors that suit everything from small venues such as this mobile cinema to the largest premium screens

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