First presentation of OpSpace and ODL-721 in Vietnam

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On 21 June, Barco had the opportunity to present the ODL-721 and OpSpace in Vietnam. This was the first time these technologies had ever been seen in the country; anticipation and interest drew approximately 60 guests representing everything from government agencies to major companies such as Vietnam Electricity and the Viettel Group as well as Vietnamese Military Broadcasting. The event was made possible by Cetech, Barco’s collaborator in Vietnam.

The ODL-721 

Audience members from the broadcasting industry, Viettel and different government agencies were clearly excited by the ODL-721. Barco explained that the use of laser-lit rear-projection allows greater brightness than is possible with LED lighting, while it still reducing power consumption and offers superior colours, focus and contrast levels. After demonstrating the ODL-721 and its 2x Brightness option, the library-level silence was broken by a slew of questions from the audience. They covered everything from the use and technology behind laser-lit rear-projection video walls to the use of an external power supply, front access for maintenance and most importantly, the possibility of installing a similar system in their own workplaces.

The demonstration of the patent pending technology behind the Barco OpSpace also raised plenty of interest. OpSpace is designed to increase operator efficiency by offering an integrated view, control and interaction. It does this with the use of just one mouse, keyboard and audio headset.
The audience appreciated the way in which the operator is placed in the centre of the network and the way in which all information and data is kept within easy reach. Their questions focused on security—OpSpace even works with information from secure networks—and the length of time it takes for operators to become accustomed to working in the OpSpace. Once again, there were expressions of interest in the implementation of the technology. 

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