More than 55 units installed and very positive feedback: Coronis Uniti gains momentum in Middle East

in Healthcare

The Middle East’s leading hospitals are embracing our Coronis Uniti®. Currently, over 55 units of our flagship diagnostic display solution are in use throughout the region, and the feedback is very positive. Radiologists and breast cancer experts praise the benefits, trusting our flagship display to provide the very best diagnostic outcomes while easing radiologists’ workflows.
One display, any image
Introduced in 2014 with the promise to ‘revolutionize the radiology reading room’, our flagship Coronis Uniti remains the first and only display on the market that can support PACS as well as multimodality breast imaging on a single screen. This versatility makes it the perfect option for multi-monitor workstation configurations: radiologists no longer have to change workstations to complete patient studies. On top of that, its image quality is beyond compare: the 33-inch screen with 12MP resolution renders high-quality grayscale images as well as color and fused modalities, in 2D and 3D, static and dynamic.

Best reading experience
Today, hospitals across the Middle East – from Egypt and Iran to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon and Palestine – have chosen Coronis Uniti to take diagnostic imaging to new levels. One of them is the leading SEHA hospitals group, which operates 15 hospital facilities and over 60 ambulatory and primary healthcare clinics across Abu Dhabi. They were the first to install Coronis Uniti in the country back in 2015.

“By viewing PACS and breast images on one, single workstation, our radiologists can work more efficiently. Moreover, the well-thought-through design provides them with the best reading experience and viewing comfort,” says Dr. Essam El Shamma of SEHA’s Corniche Hospital. “In this way, they can make accurate diagnoses fast – which is key to providing the first-class healthcare services we aspire to deliver.”

Setting the tone in healthcare
Other top hospitals that have embraced our flagship display include the Family Health Promotion Center at the heart of the UAE Ministry of Health’s Maternal and Child Center (UAE), King Abdulaziz Medical City (Saudi Arabia) and DHA Al Jalila Hospital (Dubai, UAE), besides many others.

The secret to first-class healthcare services
“We are delighted to see this uptake in the Middle East,” says Eric Brouwers, VP MEA for Barco. “More than the great feedback from hospitals, we are proud that authorities in the fields of breast imaging and radiology praise Coronis Uniti for the outcomes it delivers. Their feedback confirms that Coronis Uniti revolutionizes the reading room while delivering excellent outcomes for the patients – exactly what we had in mind when we developed it.”

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