Albini orders Barco loom monitoring system for new mill in Southern Italy

Italian shirting manufacturer, Cotonificio Albini S.p.A, has chosen a Barco monitoring system incorporating 100% on-loom inspection for their new mill in Mottola (near Taranto), Italy. The system will also be connected to the group’s ERP system, which will allow for centralized planning and setup.
For the new mill in Mottola, 64 Vamatex Leonardo Silver looms will be connected to Barco’s real-time loom monitoring system, using a high-speed communication interface that allows downloading of weave patterns. The monitoring will be extended by a 100% On-Loom inspection system. The looms have a batching motion with fabric accumulator and through a Barco data unit with keyboard, the roving inspector will enter defect reasons, which will be combined with the readout of the loom meter counter and sent to the Barco system. Defect reason and defect location will be used to formulate a defect map of each piece of fabric and quality statistics will allow management to work proactively.

Albini already has an existing Barco system at their Albino mill near Bergamo that monitors the warp preparation department and the weave room, together with gray and finished inspection. An interactive link with their ERP system makes the Barco solution part of the integrated planning Albini uses to run an operation producing a multitude of styles. The finishing operation also uses a remote connection to the Barco system in the weave mill. This provides immediate inspection of finished fabric right after finishing, with all data integrated in the same database.

The new Barco system at Mottola will also connect to the ERP system in Albini group’s headquarters at Albino, enabling centralized planning and follow up. Barco is very pleased with this order, which again confirms the excellent partnership between Albini and Barco.

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