BARCO Selected by Ericsson for Brazilian SIVAM Early Warning Project

KORTRIJK, BELGIUM, January 13, 1998 -- BARCO Display Systems has been selected by Ericsson to provide both Rugged Flat Panel X-Terminals and Rugged CRT Displays, for integration in the ERIEYE Mission System, which is an advanced AEW system for installation on small to medium-sized, commercial aircraft, that will be installed on five surveillance aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force.
BARCO will supply 36 Rugged Flat Panel X-Terminals (the 10 inch MPRT 126) and 18 Rugged CRT Displays (MPRD 9651) to be integrated in Ericsson’s ERIEYE Command and Control System. The ERIEYE Command and Control System is built around general purpose, programmable workstations, all equipped with BARCO’s MPRT 126 rugged flat panel X-terminals with touch panel capability that allow a user-friendly man-machine interface, and with MPRD 9651 rugged color displays. The system’s open architecture, high flexibility, and very high degree of automation, minimizes the operator workload. ERIEYE is a completely self-supported Command and Control System.

Ericsson selected BARCO’s 10 inch MPRT 126 flat panel X-terminal because of its unique design comprising an SVGA panel, a touch screen as touch input device, and X-terminal capabilities. Resolution is 800 x 600, and all available functions can be controlled from each operator console. BARCO’s MPRD 9651 monitor was chosen because of its advanced design, offering flexibility, expandability, and ease of integration due to the low volume, low power and low weight of the display. Both display and control functions are available in an extremely compact package.

The Amazon Surveillance System, called Sistema de Vigilancia da Amazonia (SIVAM) Program, is an integrated network of sensors, and was designed to monitor the Amazon environment. It not only allows effective surveillance of the environment, but it can also counter the drugs trafficking, smuggling, illegal mining operations and cross-border incursions. SIVAM includes provision for five airborne early warning aircraft and three remote sensing aircraft.

About BarcoView:
BarcoView with operation facilities in Kortrijk (Belgium), Toulouse (France), Atlanta, Georgia and Portland, Oregon (USA) designs and manufactures high-resolution display systems, displays, graphics controllers and display subsystems for highly demanding niche markets such as C4I, avionics, vessel and air traffic control, vehicle electronics, and medical imaging applications.

Alongside Barco Projection Systems and BarcoVision, BarcoView is one of the three strategic activities of the BARCO Group, which are all active in Image Processing. Barco Projection is in various markets of large screen visualization, whereas BarcoVision develops systems for visual inspection and quality control. In 2000, the entire BARCO group delivered a turnover of euro 751 million. BARCO has a network of subsidiaries, distributors and agents in 97 countries throughout the world. BARCO has been quoted on the Brussels Stock Exchange since 1986, and is now quoted on Brussels/Euronext. BARCO is a BEL 20 and a Next 150 company and is member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

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