BARCO starts up company in India

The BARCO Group has set up a 100% owned subsidiary in New Delhi, India, which will be responsible for Research and Development and for Sales & Marketing of projectors in India. At the same time, a joint venture has been set up for the production of projectors in India, in which BARCO owns 60% of the shares. This Joint Venture is in cooperation with the Indian company Fusebase Eltoro Ltd., which is part of the Hotline group. By means of this agreement, BARCO wants to offer projectors which meet the specific demands of the Indian market.
For several years now, BARCO has been faced with the fact that the Indian and Asian market in particular have specific demands for projectors. In order to meet these expectations, a 100% subsidiary has been set up, which will focus on Research and Development and on Sales and Marketing in India and surrounding countries. The new marketing team will concentrate initially on further expanding already existing markets such as Electronic Cinema, and will also try to strike new markets such as Process Control and Presentation. For this purpose, a demo center will be installed in New Delhi. At the same time, BARCO has set up a joint venture for the production of projectors in India, in which BARCO owns 60% of the shares. Fusebase is already specialized in the production of projectors, especially for the Indian market. The production of these projectors will be continued. From the third quarter of 1997 onwards, the joint venture will also start to produce its locally developed projectors - based on local components and parts. 29 associates currently employed at Fusebase, will be taken over by BARCO and the joint venture. This number will be further extended with new associates for production, as well as for Research & Development and Sales & Marketing.

Fusebase Eltoro Ltd., based in New Delhi, is part of the Hotline group, which produces several electronic products, including picture tubes, glass shells for the picture tube industry and projectors, as well as domestic appliances. In 1995 BARCO already set up an initial subsidiary in Bangalore for the support of the sales activities of BARCO Graphics.

BARCO Projection Systems and BARCO Display Systems are part of Visualization, which is one of the four strategic pillars of the BARCO group, next to Communication, Automation and Graphic Systems. Visualization realized a turnover of BEF 6,850 mio in 1995, compared with a total group turnover of BEF 15,076 mio.

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