Barco modular virtual environment operational at CETMA research center, Brindisi, Italy

Visualization specialist Barco is pleased to announce that its Modular Virtual Environment MOVE is now operational at the CETMA research center (Centro di Progettazione, Design e Tecnologie dei Materiali) in Brindisi, Italy. For main contractor 3D SRL (Kaitech Group), MoVE proved the ideal solution to meet the demanding requirements, as it allows fast and easy modulation to various configurations for stereoscopic visualization. The CETMA virtual reality center provides optimal added value to a wide range of customers active in industrial research, engineering, ergonomics and even production and distribution.

The MoVE at CETMA is an all-in-one solution consisting of three modules which can be reconfigured from a huge flat real-scale screen for project review (CADWall) to an L-shaped position for three dimensional insight in materials and products, to a virtual theater with side wings under an angle of 45 degrees for large team collaboration, and finally to a cube-like environment (I-Space) completely immersing the users in a virtual reality.

Each module is powered by two Barco SIM5 single-chip DLP projectors to deliver impressive passive stereoscopic images on a matching screen of 3.2m by 2.4m per module. Both wing modules can be easily moved to any desired position, always forming a single stereoscopic environment with almost invisible seams. The Barco optimized Infitec+ high quality color filtering splits the color spectrum to each eye for a ghost-free stereo separation without requiring electronic stereo glasses, so that larger teams can use the VR center and analyze projects with full freedom of motion. When stereoscopic visualization is not required, the system can be switched to mono reproduction.

A new application domain for the CETMA virtual center turned out to be the reconstruction of an archeological site in virtual reality to preserve the, until now lost, local Italian elements of its cultural patrimony. The versatility of the Barco MoVE enables different groups to participate and engage in research and development. Barco’s MoVE is the key tool in collaborative, immersive visualization at CETMA.

With the headquartered in Brindisi, Italy, CETMA ( is a research consortium where the most advanced information technology and computer graphics are used to develop engineering methods applied to design materials, processes, components and systems.
By enhancing and integrating the know-how of its partners in materials engineering, industrial design, information technology, multimedia, it offers a global product development and integrated engineering services. CETMA develops, designs and realizes hardware and software for urban mobility systems. In particular we have had interesting results in: Remote sensing systems for vehicles fleets; Dial-a-ride bus systems for urban passengers transport. CETMA invests continuously in R&D in this field, and above all it's developing: Electronic systems to manage different vehicles' on-board instruments; Customizing GIS (Geographic Information Systems); Identification systems; IT distributed systems; Wireless communication systems; Integrated systems for logistics managing. CETMA is a spin-off of an ENEA project co-funded by EU in the framework of the STRIDE program. The know-how produced by means of research activities, the high-qualified personnel, the use of advanced and continuously upgraded computer systems make CETMA an advanced innovation centre of the South of Italy. CETMA is addressed to SME's and public administration in order to help them innovating their products, processes and services.

About 3D Advanced Computer Modeling SRL
3D is an Italian System Integrator very active in Virtual Reality solutions, that can provide and integrate, like in this case, complex visualization systems based on workstation’s clusters. 3D is recognized as the leader Company in Italy in the Virtual Reality industrial application field, but has also a large experience in the information and communication technology market.

About Barco
Barco, an international company headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, provides visualization and display solutions for professional markets. Barco designs and develops solutions for large screen visualization, display solutions for life-critical applications, and systems for visual inspection. Barco is active worldwide and has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Barco is quoted on Euronext Brussels and is a BEL 20 and a Next 150 company (Euronext: BAR; Reuters: BARBt.BR; Bloomberg: BAR BB)

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