23 Feb 2015

From Hollywood to the OR (Part 2): 4K tested and successful during laparoscopic liver resection in semi-prone position

Dr. Mathieu D'Hondt (AZ Groeninge) performing a liver resection with Barco's 4K visualization technology
Last Friday, Dr. Mathieu D’Hondt (AZ Groeninge – Kortrijk) performed Belgium’s first liver laparoscopy in 4K – using an endoscopy camera and screens to visualize the liver with a resolution 4 times that of HD.
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03 Dec 2014

Reims Image: it’s all about the importance of images

Images are at the very heart of communications, these days. We create images, visualize data and do our best to interact with it in the smoothest and most efficient way possible, in order to gain new insights. At ‘Reims Image’, from 25 to 28 November, around 340 researchers, R&D people, etc. discussed and discovered developments in the field of ‘images’, i.e. virtual reality, simulation and data processing applications. They discovered Barco solutions at three different booths.
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20 Nov 2014

Stunning 4K projection for PETEX conference

From 18 to 20 November, the Petroleum Society of Great Britain welcomed thousands of professionals and students at the 25th edition of PETEX in London to learn, discuss and discover the latest developments in exploration, development, production and subsurface technology. Barco and Schlumberger were two proud sponsors of the biennial London conference: we equipped the 3D Visualization theater, part of the conference program, with a top-notch visualization solution and proudly hosted a series of keynote presentations.
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18 Nov 2014

The resolution revolution: introducing 4K to the digital operating room

Barco introduces 4K to the digital operating room
Ten years is a long time in technology. Imagine a world without social networks or the ability to buy and listen to music on the move, wherever you are – yet it’s only 10 years since the launch of Facebook and iPods changed our communication behavior forever. For surgeons, the introduction of high-definition (HD) imagery in the OR was just as significant – enabling more precise, high standard procedures.

It’s a decade later, and the OR is about to experience another watershed moment. 4K, which was introduced to cinemas a few years ago, is now set to revolutionize surgeons’ practice.
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07 Nov 2014

Science meets Barco technology, at Medica 2014

Are you active in the healthcare sector? If so, chances are that you’ve planned a trip to ‘Medica’ in Düsseldorf next week (12-15 November). Barco will be there too and we’re all geared up for a successful 2014 edition of the world’s biggest medical event. Highlights on our booth (Hall 15, booth 15B21) include Nexxis™, which provides uncompressed video-over-IP in the operating room (OR) – including a preview of 4K imaging for the OR -, our CareConnex interactive patient care solutions for the bedside and our Eonis™ clinical displays. Our colleague Johan Stockman will even host a speaking slot on the future of OR integration. Not to be missed!
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21 Aug 2014

4K in control rooms: how many pixels can you handle?

4K logo

4K is a resolution standard that literally almost has 4000 pixel lines or 8.8 million pixels (to be correct, 4096 x 2160). This is four times the resolution you have at the moment on your HD television set. By adding pixels, you are adding different perceived image quality features like sharpness, color depth, etc., but most importantly you create more information space.

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12 Jun 2014

New 4K large venue projector will take center stage at InfoComm

We are happy to expand our projection portfolio for rental and staging with a brand-new three-chip DLP projector that offers a brightness level of 35,000 center lumens, and is capable of showing native 4K content at 60 Hz frame rates. The brand-new HDQ-4K35 features a unique integrated design with internal power supply, rental frame and no external chimney fan. What’s more, the HDQ-4K35 is fully ready to be combined with Barco’s groundbreaking 4K screen management system, which allows native 4K projector blending – a first in the industry.
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11 Jun 2014

Proud to introduce our revolutionary 4K screen management system!

Today, we proudly introduce our groundbreaking E2 image processor – featuring native 4K inputs and outputs and supporting 4K content at professional frame rates (up to 60p 4:4:4). Raising the bar for live screen management, this brand-new presentation system provides superior image quality, exceptional input and output density, great expandability, and durability. A truly versatile system, it offers eight mixable PGM outputs and four scaled Aux outputs for full show control with a single box.

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29 Apr 2014

New large-screen 4K medical display for real-time imaging in the operating room

Barco's 58-inch surgical display
It's here: Barco's 58-inch surgical display designed for 4K imaging in hybrid operating rooms and interventional suites. The new MDSC-8258 is equipped with a high-bright, low-power LED backlight and delivers 8 MegaPixels of accurate DICOM-compliant images on a single screen.
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15 Apr 2014

US-FDA product variance for Barco laser-illuminated cinema projector

Barco laser projector
We are happy to announce that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted a product variance for our brand-new 6 primary laser 3D (6P) laser-illuminated projector. The FDA has also granted approval for a predefined laser show variance, allowing US-based exhibitors to safely install the 4K Barco laser projector without excessive legal constraints and extra costs. In this way, exhibitors who install the Barco laser projector do not need to prove compliancy with the same stringent regulations as laser light shows. Thanks to its fully integrated and inherently safe design – featuring unified laser light sources that are housed within the projector – the Barco laser projector prevents direct contact with native laser light, offering exhibitors worry-free operation and ultimate peace of mind.
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