30 Oct 2014

A showcase of Barco solutions at Barco Open House in Oman

From business projectors and video walls through to solutions for the healthcare sector: visitors to Barco’s Open House in Oman were introduced to the widest possible range of Barco solutions, during yesterday’s Open House. Our regional salespeople took ample time to present the products and meet with the attending end-users, integrators and business partners to discuss how Barco can help them drive their business.
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17 Oct 2014

Seeing a better future for mammography

We’ve come a long way in breast cancer diagnosis. Rates of mammography screenings have increased by nearly 40% since 1987 and over 80% of women over 50 in the United States are now screened regularly for breast cancer. However, with an aging population it’s evident that radiologists, as well as healthcare systems, will need to find more efficient ways of screening an ever-increasing number of women.
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16 Oct 2014

Join the revolution in the radiology reading room

Imagine a radiology display that combines both PACS and digital breast imaging; that features a 12MP screen, offering unparalleled image quality; that supports color, grayscale, 2D, 3D, static, and dynamic images; that is loaded with inventive solutions to boost productivity; and that is completely ergonomic to boot. Today, with the launch of Coronis Uniti™, Barco has provided a definitive answer to the most important challenges in modern radiology.
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30 Sep 2014

What makes a good read for radiologists?

Radiologists today face a number of challenges: increasing image volumes, the growing complexity of studies, and physical discomfort. Luckily, our recent study gives us a clear indication of what’s needed to tackle these challenges. The magic recipe to save our radiologists? Increased focus on image quality, features that provide an efficient workflow, and improved ergonomics.
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17 Sep 2014

Columbia Asia hospital in Bangalore (India) introduces Barco’s Nio

Columbia Asia - Picture 4
Long-time Barco customer Columbia Asia recently installed Barco’s cutting-edge Nio Color 2MP diagnostic display systems across its radiology service at its flagship hospital in Bangalore, India. The Nio Color 2MP is equipped with Barco’s patented Uniform Luminance Technology for LED displays (ULT-LED), attuned to its high-bright LED backlight, and a Nio front-of-screen sensor. Both new features further enhance image quality and diagnostic accuracy, and help reduce the total cost of ownership.
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11 Sep 2014

Radiologists are meeting up with Barco at ICR 2014 in Dubai

Over 5,000 radiologists from around the world are in Dubai, right now, to discover and discuss new developments in radiology, at the International Congress of Radiology (ICR) – the annual conference of the International Society of Radiologists (ISR). Visitors to the booth of Barco partner Fujifilm will learn how our portfolio of diagnostic display systems provides healthcare facilities with significant clinical, operational and financial benefits.
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30 Jun 2014

Kasturba Medical College KMC gets a new perspective on PACS

Barco diagnostic displays with LED backlights
For the prestigious Kasturba Medical College (KMC) in Manipal, India, it’s all about providing patients with the best possible care. Today, it still ranks among the top ten medical institutions in the country. To strengthen its leadership position, the staff recently upgraded its existing picture archiving and communications system (PACS) and introduced Barco’s market-leading Nio display systems.
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24 Jun 2014

Eonis 21” clinical display: a bright and accurate sidekick in any situation

Barco's Eonis 21" clinical review display
When it comes to clinical image reviews, image quality makes all the difference. That’s why we provided our brand-new Eonis 21” display with a significantly improved contrast ratio and higher brightness levels. Add to that consistent, quality-controlled images and an ergonomic design, and you’ve got a radiologist’s and cardiologist’s dream come true.
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27 May 2014

Just how cleanable are Barco's Eonis medical displays? (VIDEO)

Just how cleanable are Barco's Eonis medical (dental and clinical) displays? Lab test video
Designed to allow complete disinfection, Barco's Eonis medical displays can withstand almost anything, from paper scratches to gallons of water. Nine comparative tests on one Eonis and one consumer display show we're onto a winner!

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28 Apr 2014

Eonis medical displays: so cleanable they help save lives

Barco's fully cleanable Eonis clinical and dental displays
Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are on the rise – and these superbugs show increasing resistance to antibiotics. Medical professionals routinely wash their hands with antibacterial agents, change gloves, and take many other precautions to prevent transmitting infections to patients.
However, because computer monitors can still harbor bacteria, they are an underestimated source of cross-contamination. That’s why Barco’s Eonis displays for clinical and dental applications have a fully cleanable design.
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