11 Feb 2015

Proud to present the quietest laser phosphor projectors on the planet

Present-P laser phosphor projector
Producing a noise level of less than 35 decibels, we launched the quietest laser phosphor projectors on the market today. Providing 6,000 lumens brightness, and WXGA or WUXGA resolution, they produce ‘laser-sharp’ images with sensational colors for never-failing performance. Their laser phosphor light source offers a 20,000-hour lifetime and takes away the burden of regular maintenance. Designed for meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums and museums, the one-chip DLP projectors are light, compact, and white to blend in everywhere.
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05 Feb 2015

Why Darth Vader never chose a lampsaber

Selecting the optimal light source is serious business. Take Darth Vader for example: have you ever wondered why he chose laser rather than conventional lamp technology for his lightsaber? Then read this topic, and discover the many advantages of laser lighting. Because let's be honest: what was true 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away', will probably still apply for your meeting room!
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19 Jan 2015

Barco’s “Laser Guy” Bill Beck extolls the virtues of digital cinema laser

Premium Beat logo
Laser projection is the future of digital cinema, and if you ask Bill Beck – Barco’s very own “Laser Guy” – the future is now! Beck explains the advantages of laser- versus lamp-based movie projection and how 6-color RGB laser primaries create better 3D movie experiences in a recent blog edition of The Beat by PremiumBeat.com. Barco’s single laser projector 6P system has been designed to address some of the challenges relating to white point, brightness and color gamut for each “eye”. Its DP4K-60L projector has been built on a very flexible, versatile laser projection platform for cinema exhibitors, and soon, non-cinema applications, offering premium image quality and very low operating costs.
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15 Jan 2015

Barco’s “Laser Guy” Bill Beck discusses laser projection standards in The Economist

The Economist logo
The Economist took on the topic of digital cinema laser projection in their Technology Quarterly last month, and Barco’s “Laser Guy” Bill Beck addressed the ongoing issue of standards. While the benefits of laser projection are well understood from a movie quality perspective – brighter 2D and especially 3D, more natural color and contrast, and ultra-realistic (fast!) frame rates and higher resolution, the economic reality for many exhibitors and studios is a bit more complicated. “Until Hollywood says what the color gamut, the frame rate and the dynamic range are going to be, and then supports that with production versions of their movies, it’s just going to be technology testing.”
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04 Dec 2014

Barco DP4K-60L: the world’s first integrated RGB Laser Cinema projector to achieve DCI CTP-1.2 level compliance

We are pleased to announce that Barco’s new DP4K-60L is the world’s first integrated RGB laser-illuminated projector that fully complies with the new DCI testing level (CTP-1.2) – confirmed by tests administered by the Aegisolve Cyber Security Laboratories.
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12 Nov 2014

Barco discusses laser projection in Electro Optics magazine

Barco laser projector
Electro Optics is Europe's leading magazine for engineers involved in the photonics business, technology and applications. In one of their feature stories for the November issue, the magazine covers how lasers are improving the viewing experience for cinemagoers. For this article, Goran Stojmenovik, our Product Manager for laser projection, shared his view on the technology and how we've integrated laser illumination in our cinema projectors.
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27 Oct 2014

Barco leads industry in digital cinema laser projection

Barco Laser Projector
Laser projection is here, and Barco is the clear frontrunner in installations across the globe. Several top theater chains in the United States, China, Latin America and Europe are embracing Barco laser projectors to deliver an unparalleled moviegoing experience that elevates the immersive realism of motion pictures like never before.
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20 Oct 2014

Watch the video interview with laser guy Bill Beck

Laser guy Bill Beck on Barco's laser technology
Earlier this month, we organized the Barco laser days at our customer center in Kuurne, Belgium. Needless to say that our laser guy Bill Beck played an essential role in this successful event. We had the chance to get Beck in front of our camera and answer some questions on laser technology. Watch the video below to discover what’s truly unique about the Barco laser-illuminated cinema projector and what the benefits are of laser projection technology for both exhibitors and moviegoers. The laser guy also elaborates on our plans with this revolutionary technology.
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03 Oct 2014

'Laser Guy' to enlighten SMPTE on 7 and 23 October

Laser blog post 03102014
Do you remember Bill Beck, the ‘Laser Guy’ who joined Barco in June? Turns out the man is, in fact, a bundle of energy. Apart from supporting our Digital Cinema business units, R&D departments and sales teams, he also takes time to share his expertise and experience in laser technology with the masses. Grab your chance to get inspired on 7 October, when Bill visits the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMTPE) for their Emerging Technology Webcast, or meet our laser hero in person on 23 October, at SMPTE’s 2014 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition.
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26 Sep 2014

Barco’s laser projector wins Lumière™ Award from the International 3D Society!

These are really fascinating times for our digital cinema team! While everyone was excited to shoot the show of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga in our new Barco Escape movie format, five US theaters premiered with Fox’s release of ‘The Maze Runner’ on a Barco Escape installation, just last week. And then on Wednesday, our 4K laser-illuminated projector won a ‘Technology and New Product’ Award from the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society – a welcome recognition for many years of hard work!
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