16 Jun 2014

Barco's Healthcare portfolio now available through Dell in Europe

Selecting the right medical display systems is key to delivering high-quality patient care. Thanks to an agreement with leading computer technology provider Dell, Barco’s market-leading medical display systems are now available in France, Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom through www.dell.com. Furthermore, Dell has selected Barco’s market-leading medical display systems to complement its Precision range of workstations.
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06 Jun 2014

What you see is what you get. Why you need a medical display for reviewing clinical images.

Barco's Eonis clinical displays
The quality of medical images is strictly controlled during acquisition and primary diagnosis. Then why would you review them on a monitor that may negatively affect image quality and hence patient safety?
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27 May 2014

Just how cleanable are Barco's Eonis medical displays? (VIDEO)

Just how cleanable are Barco's Eonis medical (dental and clinical) displays? Lab test video
Designed to allow complete disinfection, Barco's Eonis medical displays can withstand almost anything, from paper scratches to gallons of water. Nine comparative tests on one Eonis and one consumer display show we're onto a winner!

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29 Apr 2014

New large-screen 4K medical display for real-time imaging in the operating room

Barco's 58-inch surgical display
It's here: Barco's 58-inch surgical display designed for 4K imaging in hybrid operating rooms and interventional suites. The new MDSC-8258 is equipped with a high-bright, low-power LED backlight and delivers 8 MegaPixels of accurate DICOM-compliant images on a single screen.
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28 Apr 2014

Eonis medical displays: so cleanable they help save lives

Barco's fully cleanable Eonis clinical and dental displays
Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are on the rise – and these superbugs show increasing resistance to antibiotics. Medical professionals routinely wash their hands with antibacterial agents, change gloves, and take many other precautions to prevent transmitting infections to patients.
However, because computer monitors can still harbor bacteria, they are an underestimated source of cross-contamination. That’s why Barco’s Eonis displays for clinical and dental applications have a fully cleanable design.
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25 Mar 2014

Visit Zorg & ICT 2014 and learn how Barco can help enhance hospital efficiency

Healthcare is changing at dazzling speed. How can hospitals prepare for the changes and challenges ahead? This week’s Zorg & ICT trade fair in Utrecht (the Netherlands) zooms in on the latest technology to help hospitals raise flexibility, efficiency and patient satisfaction. Drop by our booth to see how our portfolio of medical solutions perfectly fits the picture!
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24 Feb 2014

New purpose-built clinical displays for healthcare specialists

Barco's Eonis clinical displays
We gladly welcome two new members to Barco's Eonis clinical display family: Eonis 24" comes standard (black) or with a fully cleanable front glass panel (white).
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01 Dec 2013

Barco offers the complete “Picture of Connected Care” at RSNA

RSNA logo
Advanced healthcare imaging and networked solutions are providing today’s hospitals with more effective ways to improve efficiency in the delivery of care while ensuring positive health outcomes. At this year’s RSNA, Barco will showcase an expanded portfolio of healthcare display solutions focused on best-in-class imaging and enterprise-wide connectivity. Visit us at the Barco booth 3306 from December 1-5 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
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26 Nov 2013

Meet our brand-new surgical display for 3D imaging

Barco's E240H 3D surgical display
With surgery becoming less invasive, surgeons are increasingly relying on state-of-the-art imaging technology as a window to a patient’s body. 3D imaging has proven to deliver significant benefits, such as enhanced visibility of patient anatomy, improved surgical efficiency and accuracy in laparoscopic procedures with shorter operating times.
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20 Nov 2013

The operating room of the future is built on IP. Hence our new line of network-ready surgical displays!

26" surgical display
We are proud to present our new MDSC line of network-ready surgical displays. These displays are fully compatible with Nexxis, our imaging and audio management solution for the OR, which provides smooth integration of surgical devices over IP. Featuring an integrated raw-IP decoder, an easy-clean design, and the highest image quality available today, the new surgical displays are a perfect fit for modern digital operating rooms and endoscopy imaging.
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