• Ultra-wide three-screen format for the ultimate immersive cinema experience
  • Turnkey installation and set up
  • Fully DCI-compliant and automated

Movies in the Barco Escape format

6 Below
6 Below
The recall
The Recall
Star Trek Beyond
Star Trek Beyond
Maze Runner - The Scorch Trials
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Maze Runner
The Maze Runner

Barco Escape features

Barco Escape leverages the power of 3x DCI Barco Series II projectors and Barco Alchemy processing (including up to 120fps per screen) to deliver a compelling new way to experience the cinema. 

Barco Escape’s technology is designed with exhibitors and studios in mind:

  • Can be installed in new cinemas and retrofitted in existing ones
  • Streamlined operations for installation, DCP distribution and DCP playback
  • When the cinema is not in Barco Escape mode, regular movie presentations are undisturbed by the Barco Escape setup

This allows moviegoers to enjoy breathtaking immersive experiences without burdening Barco’s partners who make the real magic happen: the studios and exhibitors.

An investment that pays off

Barco Escape not only drives your customer experience, it also boosts your bottom line:

  • 3x higher ticket revenue
  • Higher occupancy
  • Audiences stay longer in your theater

Barco Escape technologies unveil a thrilling new cinematic experience to audiences


Barco Escape theaters

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