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Your software based monitoring, management and AV control solution for meeting rooms.

Take control of 1, 10, 100 or 1000s of meeting rooms

Barco’s Overture delivers an easy to use, reliable and scalable solution. Setup is easy. Requiring no programming, only simple configuration. Best of all it connects everything through the local network so no need to rely on any proprietary hardware. From the power of its remote helpdesk to scheduling behaviors such as automating devices on the entire floor to turn off at the same time – Overture does it all! Now available in the cloud and on-premise!

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Remote helpdesk

Monitor your meeting room equipment from anywhere in the world

At the office or on the go, have full access via secured web browser to manage and troubleshoot any devices within your meeting rooms.

No programming

Easy setup for new devices and rooms

Using simple configuration, easily add new rooms, modify rooms with new devices and make changes by connecting to the network without the need for programming.

Consistent user experience

Intuitive standardized UI for all rooms

BYOD. Meeting Room user interface can be deployed on any device that has a network connection and supports a web browser.

As the UI is based on templates, users get the same experience in every meeting room. No need for any expensive proprietary touch panels.

Behaviors & scheduling automation

Optimize your meeting room experience

Setup behaviors on your devices such as turning them all off or on or to a preset within the same building, floor or room.

The scheduling feature allows users to set automated actions at pre-defined moments in time, for instance to save on energy costs when workspaces are not in use.


Overture central management

Central management

  • In room control or anywhere
  • HTML5 Interface
  • Laptop, Tablet, BYOD
  • Credential based access

Overture scheduling


  • Schedule actions based on device, room, floor, building
  • Power saving automation
  • Link to room booking and occupancy sensors

Overture behaviors


  • Setup task-based actions to automate all devices in a certain area of the office
  • Create triggers such as plugging in Clickshare to start projector and preset lighting

Overture analytics and reporting

Analytics & Reporting

  • Status Logging
  • Data reporting: # of hours room used, # of reserved rooms not used
  • Downtime analysis

Overture user management

User Management

  • User action logs
  • Support for alternative language
  • Link to Active Directory

Alarms and notifications

Alarms & Notifications

  • Alarm triggers
  • Incident Logging
  • Email Notifications & Alerts

Whitepapers & brochure

Meeting room management for the next-gen enterprise

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