10.4" rugged display station

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This product is no longer available.
Please consult Barco's current product offering.

Barco's 10.4" TID 126 (Terminal Input Device) consists of a rugged active matrix LCD, incorporating a user-programmable Pentium microprocessor.
The TID can be configured as an X-terminal or used as an operator working position for network-centric applications. The TID 126 series can be equipped with a flash disk or hard disk, has a keyboard and mouse inter and also includes a network inter. With its varied options, the MIL-tailored TID 126 product offers versatile, intelligent terminals for use in a wide range of applications.

Options include PCB coating (Humiseal), push buttons on the front panel, Touch Screen input and an external floppy drive. PCMCIA and SCSI inters are available on request.

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