Nexxis for defense

Nexxis for defense

A networked tactical collaboration system

Nexxis for tactical collaboration

Nexxis provides desktop distribution and recording over standard IP networks for mission-critical systems. Encoding/decoding, recording, and system management products support real-time remote interaction between multiple users and computers with integrated review and wide-area distribution capabilities. Nexxis can add-on these features to existing systems while enabling future networked technology insertion.

KVM/DVI switching over IP – Real-time pixel-perfect video and desktop distribution connects multiple operators to multiple computers using open standard networks and streaming.

Display recording for After Action Review (AAR) – Capture what operators are seeing and doing, then debrief in a collaborative environment using Nexxis’ AAR tools for training and mission systems.

Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) – Share displayed visual information with remote locations via high quality low-bandwidth video and desktop distribution for wide-area collaboration.

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10 February 2015 - 12 February 2015


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