Nexxis OR Management Suite

The NMS software is the cornerstone of Barco's networked visualization solution for the digital operating room. This management suite sets up, manages and monitors the video-over-IP streams between the MNA encoders and decoders and facilitates configuration and management.

Integrated within the user interface of the operating room integrators, the software allows distribution of high-quality video, audio, keyboard and mouse towards any destination with a single touch on the screen.

Rapid application development

Barco's NMS software offers a user-friendly interface to help operating room integrators build their own application to control and manage displays and sources. All network complexity is hidden for the integrator, which allows for a highly intuitive environment to manage sources and destinations. Dynamic thumbnails, overlays, PiP & PaP, and display layouts are just a few of the many features that are directly available at the API.

Benefits of Nexxis OR management software

  • auto-detection of all network streams
  • plug and play of Nexxis encoders and decoders
  • zero-touch application installation
  • management of multi-OR Nexxis infrastructure
  • intuitive user interface for extensive device management
  • fully featured web services API

Benefits of Nexxis OR management API

  • flexible association of streams with displays inside the operating room or between multiple ORs
  • dynamic thumbnail streams per source and display
  • assignment of overlays to streams
  • easy routing of video, audio and USB data streams

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